Homestead Preps

Are you READY !!

Welcome to Homestead Preps where you can find info about homesteading and prepping.
We will show you how to be a homestead and prep on a REAL budget I Chairman own a small company I have a large family 11 people on my Homestead I don't make lots of money but I do what I have to have my homestead and ready for what's to come. People
can be your best friend I got my first pig 3 chickens and 2 roosters off there for free. We are here with other preppers and homesteaders to help you and for you to help us and we can learn together. Please feel free to contact us if you would like for us to do a review but understand we will give a 100% truthful review we will put it to the proper test to make sure it works 100% the review will be done on a live broadcast and uploaded to youtube. Shop is open