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The United States scrambled F-16 fighter jets in a supersonic chase of a light aircraft with an unresponsive pilot that violated airspace in the Washington D.C. area and later crashed into the mountains of Virginia, officials said.

The jet fighters prompted a sonic boom over the U.S. capital in an attempt to pursue with the errant Cessna Citation, officials said, causing consternation among people in the Washington area.
Four people were on board the Cessna, a source familiar with the matter said. A Cessna Citation can carry seven to 12 passengers.

The Cessna was registered to Encore Motors of Melbourne, Florida, according to the flight-tracking website Flight Aware.

Encore owner John Rumpel told the Washington Post his daughter, a grandchild and her nanny were on board.

"We know nothing about the crash," the Post quoted Rumpel as saying. "We are talking to the FAA now," he added before ending the call.
The U.S. military attempted to establish contact with the pilot, who was...